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  1. 1. Starting out

    You pledge to buy tickets for the artists you want to see. Decide how much you’re willing to pay. We won’t charge you until the concert is confirmed.

  2. 2. In progress

    When there’s enough interest in a campaign, we’ll reach out to artists and promoters and try to make the concert happen.

  3. 3. Confirmed

    The concert is confirmed! If you can’t make the date, you won’t be charged. We’ll notify you with the confirmed date and ticket price. You won’t be charged more, even if you pledged higher.


We believe an amazing concert can change your life. We started Songkick because we want everyone to have this experience. You may know us from, where you can track your favorite bands so you never miss them live.

We relate to the feeling of really, really, REALLY wanting to see a band live — that band you just fell in love with, but isn’t coming to your city yet. We know that when you love an artist that much, you’re willing to do more than leave a Facebook comment telling them to come to your town or even just track them on Songkick and wait for the concert to be announced. You’re willing to make it happen.

Detour empowers us to influence where our favorite artists tour. By pledging to buy tickets, we’re saying, “If you play in my city, I’m in”. We’re more than just likes and button clicks, but real people who promise to show up and see you live. For artists and promoters, this completely changes the financial risk involved in touring and putting on shows. It gives artists confidence that they won’t play to an empty room. Just the presence of those pledges makes shows happen that wouldn’t have happened otherwise and shows happen sooner than they would have otherwise — with a more direct connection between you and the acts you love.

When you pledge, you tell us how much you’re willing to pay to see the band live. This is so we get a sense of what you’re willing to pay for a ticket. When we get pledges for an artist, we work with a promoter to contact the band and confirm a tour date. Once the concert is confirmed, we set a ticket price and notify you in advance with the concert date and confirmed ticket price and the date your card will be charged. You can opt out if you can’t make the date. Everyone is charged the same price, even if you pledged higher. If you pledged lower, you’ll have the option to increase your pledge.

In 2012, we started experimenting with Detour by working with artists like Andrew Bird, Tycho, and Hot Chip to bring them to cities they had never played in before. The feedback from fans was overwhelming. The feeling at those gigs was electrifying. Everyone in the room had worked together to make it happen.

Back in December 2012, we launched Detour in London with the help of DrownedinSound, it took just 48 hours for 80 fans to pledge to detour Desaparecidos. We confirmed their first London tour date in 10 years. Since then, we’ve confirmed many more concerts and have even Detoured a comedian, Aziz Ansari! Detour is now open in 11 cities in the UK, our home country, and we hope to come to the rest of the world as soon as we can. We’re an international team from places like Brazil, the US, France, South Africa, and New Zealand, and we know what it feels like to wait to see the bands we love.

We’ve had some flattering coverage of Detour by places like the BBC, The Economist , The New York Times, The Evening Standard, and Wired. This is just our first step towards the future.

[It] works by letting fans place advance orders for tickets, which are charged only if a certain threshold is reached and therefore the concert takes place. This system reduces the guesswork of booking a tour in an unfamiliar area, where a band might have plenty of Facebook followers but no way of knowing how many of them would buy tickets.
[Detour] lets music fans place advance orders for tickets for a possible concert. This takes the risk out of booking venues in far-off places for musicians, and fans are only charged if the show goes ahead. No Ticketmaster, no scalpers, no long list of surcharges.
When it comes to Detour, it’s not so much a case of “If you build it, they will come” as “If you come, they will build it”

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